Hide Your Home Entertainment Accessories Behind Your TV With Sugru

Hide Your Home Entertainment Accessories Behind Your TV with Sugru

Game controllers, streaming sticks, 3D glasses and more — why keep these accessories cluttering your tables when the back of your TV can hold them all?

All you need are some hooks and Sugru, that mouldable, multi-purpose silicone, and you're good to go.

This assumes you have access to the back of your TV, and it's an easy way to store these items in reach but out if sight (much like you can hide stuff behind your computer monitor).

Genius Way to Tidy Away TV Cables & Accessories [Sugru]


    Cool idea; but my TVs are wall-mounted :)

    Wouldn't it be easier to buy a pack of removable plastic hooks at a fraction of the price? Seriously, they even used metal coat hooks that would cost around $3 each.

    Sugru is not cheap - a quick search on ebay gave me $30 for 8 mini packs.
    Plastic hooks are around $12 for a 48 pack

    Personally I use the small clear ones. They are enough to use as a cable guide or hang something that's less than 4kg.

      Sorry, i'm wrong on the weight for the small ones I normally use - it's actually 255g. There are ones that'll hold 4kg no problems though.


    If your house is anything like mine then behind the TV is a haven for dust. I rarely even look behind the entertainment unit where all the cables run because it's really really dusty down there (and a real PITA to clean). Stuff has be stored in cupboards or drawers otherwise it just collects layers of dust.

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