Hide Your Home Entertainment Accessories Behind Your TV With Sugru


    Cool idea; but my TVs are wall-mounted :)

    Wouldn't it be easier to buy a pack of removable plastic hooks at a fraction of the price? Seriously, they even used metal coat hooks that would cost around $3 each.

    Sugru is not cheap - a quick search on ebay gave me $30 for 8 mini packs.
    Plastic hooks are around $12 for a 48 pack

    Personally I use the small clear ones. They are enough to use as a cable guide or hang something that's less than 4kg.

      Sorry, i'm wrong on the weight for the small ones I normally use - it's actually 255g. There are ones that'll hold 4kg no problems though.


    If your house is anything like mine then behind the TV is a haven for dust. I rarely even look behind the entertainment unit where all the cables run because it's really really dusty down there (and a real PITA to clean). Stuff has be stored in cupboards or drawers otherwise it just collects layers of dust.

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