Last Week's 10 Biggest Posts

You wanted to find out how "three strikes" anti-piracy rules would work, learn how to code and throw the best apps on your Chromecast. Kick off your Monday by checking out the ten most popular posts from Lifehacker Australia last week:

  1. How Australian Internet Providers Will Start Busting Users For Piracy
    Australia is now a lot closer to having a US-style system where your internet service provider (ISP) would be required to send notices if you're suspected of torrenting movies, TV shows and other copyright material. A new draft code developed by ISPs outlines how that "three strikes" process will work.
  2. Top 10 Ways To Teach Yourself To Code
    Programming is one of the most valuable skills you can pick up in these modern times, whether for career prospects or to stretch your brain and create something awesome. If you're just getting started on your coding journey, here are ten tips and resources to set you off on the right foot.
  3. Ask LH: Should I Buy An iPhone 4S In 2015?
    Hi Lifehacker, I am trying to find a good cheap smartphone for around $200. Right now the iPhone 4S seems like a good option, though I realise there's a risk it will not be able to run iOS 9 when that appears at the end of this year. Is it a good idea to get a refurbished iPhone?
  4. The Best Chromecast Apps (2015 Edition)
    Google shook up the home theatre market with its Chromecast device. Ever since it enabled developer access, the app market has been flooded with Google Cast support. Here are the most useful Chromecast apps.
  5. Three Small Things You Can Do For Your Partner To Make Love Last
    Long-term relationships and marriage are hard work. But take some cues from older couples who have shared the secrets to keeping the spark alive after decades together: It's all about the little surprises.
  6. Why TV Shows Will Never Ever Run On Time Again
    One of the more annoying trends in modern television is the fact that shows in prime time rarely start neatly on the hour or half-hour. The bad news? Australian TV networks have no plans to change that.
  7. The Best Bank Accounts In Australia Right Now
    Mozo shares its picks of the best bank accounts in Australia when it comes to fees, ATM access, the best ones to use overseas and those with the biggest freebies. Does your bank make the cut?
  8. The Most Important Personal Finance Rules Never Change
    We talk a lot about personal finance. And while there are always new ways of thinking about your budget, you can always quickly identify the rules that matter most: they're the ones that don't change.
  9. The Impact Of Qantas' Strict New 'Smart Casual' Rules Will Be Minimal
    Qantas don't want your stinking thongs no more. From April 1 (no joke), it will begin more strictly enforcing its "smart casual" rules in Qantas Club and Business lounges. Does this mean the end of miners hanging out waiting for their FIFO connection? Not quite.
  10. Windows XP Still Refuses To Die
    Melbourne Airport is introducing 28 shiny new kiosks that can be used for automatic check-in by international airlines. And what operating system are they running? Windows XP, which was officially killed off last April.


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