iTunes Adds A Notification Center Widget, Here's How To Enable It

ITunes Adds a Notification Center Widget, Here's How to Enable It

Mac: iTunes got an update recently that adds a handy Notification Center widget to control your music. It's not enabled by default though, so here's how to turn it on.

As you'd expect, the widget is pretty simple. Just open up your Notification Center, and you'll see a set of controls for iTunes. You do have to enable it first though:

  1. Head into System Preferences > Extensions
  2. Under the "Today" menu, check the box next to iTunes
  3. Open up iTunes and play a song

Now you can control your music from the Notification Center widget. You can also Option+Click the Reverse button to turn on shuffle.

iTunes 12.1 [Mac App Store]


    Easier than that: like any Notification Centre widget, you just hit the Edit button at the bottom of NC's Today view and then drag the widget to where you want it.

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