How Comfortable Are You With Discussing Money?

How Comfortable Are You With Discussing Money?

Conventional etiquette tells us it’s rude to talk about our money. You don’t ask people how much they make; you don’t talk about how much you earn. But some argue that being more open about money is a good thing — it leads to better financial habits. We want to know how comfortable you are with this topic.

In the personal finance community, many bloggers are completely transparent about their finances. They discuss what’s coming in and what’s going out, and they’re totally open about their net worth. This helps readers see how certain financial habits pay off, and it can be useful and inspiring.

Some financial experts say, when we discuss money openly, we also talk about our personal savings and spending habits. And maybe opening up the discussion is good for developing better financial habits. Still, it can be hard to get past the taboo.

What do you think — are you comfortable talking about your financial situation? Do you think this etiquette is in place for a reason? Tell us your thoughts.


  • Happy to tell friends or family when they ask, Work colleagues do not need to know.

    I have not encountered a single person who would not discuss their pay with me openly. (mostly early to mid twenties people), other than my parents.

  • I think this article is spot-on. It’s ingrained in us that talking about money is on a par with, if not more embarrassing than talking about sex. When you have frank discussions about either, you find out things you should be utterly utterly ashamed of and seek forgiveness from the Lord your God, and also new things you could squeeze in to do a bit better.

  • The one thing i get is that people who have got lots of money are the first people to cry poor, ok maybe not the fantastically wealthy but the people who have always got money when they need it.

  • I’ve never really understood the hesitance to discuss finances and money. I’m completely open about it all, even to work colleagues. I absolutely hated trying to get an idea of earning potential and such when people wouldn’t tell me how much they make. Really your income and financial status is just another part of you as a person and attests to your achievements or lifestyle choices, which are visible to people anyway.

    • this, so much! ^ would really help when trying to negotiate a pay rise when you have co-workers doing the same role.

  • Happy to talk about it. Never understood the secrecy around it.
    Talking about money with my brother and parents is great. Wish I had done it far earlier.
    Maybe noone wants to admin just how in debt they are? I didn’t, but I’m sure glad that I atleast started.

  • Employers like it that employees are hesitant to to discuss their salaries, you would be surprised to know what the people around you are actually making.. This would not make the company happy.. Quite often new hires doing the same job as people who have been there for years will make almost as much, sometimes even more..

    So keep the harmony the company wants, keep being ignorant and silent about your salary.

  • Secrecy often is the result of having abundant wealth to avoid the criticisms, sour talk and occasional “abuse” of ones position.

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