If You Wouldn't Wear It Out Of The Dressing Room, Don't Buy It

If You Wouldn't Wear It Out of the Dressing Room, Don't Buy It

Our judgement can be distorted when we shop for clothes. Often, we end up buying stuff we later regret. Finance site Budgets Are Sexy suggests using "The Urgency Test": a simple way to decide whether or not to spend.

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Writer J. Money says you should ask yourself a simple question while trying on an item:

Any time you're debating on whether to buy X, Y, or Z, ask yourself this: 'Would I wear this out of the dressing room right now if I could?' If the answer is yes, buy it (as long as the cost is OK, of course). If not, or you hesitate, put it down and run.

As he notes, the cost is important, too. There may be a high-end, expensive item you'd gladly wear out of the dressing room, but still shouldn't buy. This question works when you're already considering a realistic purchase but just aren't sure whether or not you truly like the item. In short, it's a great way to stop buying clothes you never wear.

For more detail, check out the post in full.

Two Kick-Arse Spending Tips [Budgets are Sexy]


    I always apply this theory when buying formalwear.

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