Favourites Widget Adds Favourite Contacts To iOS 8 Today Screen

Favourites Widget Adds Favourite Contacts to iOS 8 Today Screen

iOS: As you've no doubt heard, iOS 8 finally gave us the ability to add widgets to our Today screens. This Favourites Widget shows your favourite contacts right on your Today screen for easy dialling.

While iOS 8 does let you double-tap the Home button to see a list of recent contacts, that's not exactly the same as having fast access to favourites and many people prefer to turn the double-tap feature off. The Favourites Widget lets you add your favourite contacts, as well as groups, and lets you control how those names are displayed (full names or just initials to save space). The free version lets you display up to four contacts; you can also pay $1.29 to allow unlimited contacts.

Favourites Widget (Free; $1.29) [iTunes App Store via WonderHowTo]


    Not available in the Australian App Store.

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