Dust Right After Returning From Holiday For A Longer-Lasting Clean

Dust Right After Returning from Holiday for a Longer-Lasting Clean

Dusting is my least favourite household chore. Here's a tip to get more bang for your dusting buck: If you're away for any significant period, like a holiday, dust as soon as you get back. The air has settled, you'll pick up more dust, and you'll get a longer-lasting clean before you have to dust again.

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I actually stumbled on this after getting back from a week-long overseas trip. No one had been in my apartment since I left, and while I try to tidy up so I have a clean home to return to, I noticed that all the dust in the air had settled because there was no one there to stir it up. I dusted straight away and I noticed that after a few days, I wasn't lamenting having to do it again the way I normally did.

It's just one of those cleaning tips that makes logical sense — more dust settles with less activity, so take advantage of a low activity period to make your cleaning more efficient. Next time you get home from vacation, before you flop into bed and get back to normal living, take a second to do a quick cleanup. You'll find it's worthwhile.


    List of 20 things I DON'T want to do after returning from a holiday
    1 - 18, Dust
    Oh yeah 19 & 20 too!

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