Ask LH: What Address Should I Use To Register For An ABN?

Ask LH: What Address Should I Use To Register For An ABN?

Hi Lifehacker, Can house renters use their rental address to register for an ABN? I do have a PO box for correspondence. Do I need to tell my landlord about it? My business is online and sells paper goods and stationery. Thanks, Wannabe Entrepreneur

Dear WE,

If you’re running a business, you should have an Australian Business Number (ABN) — indeed you should register this as part of the process of setting up the business. The official Australian Business Register site advises that all addresses associated with a business, including both physical and postal addresses, should be included as part of the application process. So if you’re running the business from home, that address should be included.

That aspect is clear. What’s a little murkier is whether you should tell your landlord. If you’re running a business from home that involves customers regularly visiting, then I’d suggest your landlord should know. If you’re merely dealing with a mail-order business, it doesn’t necessarily matter — after all, the way you behave at home isn’t much different. However, you need to check that your insurance policies are appropriate to what you’re doing.

As ever, for specific financial advice, check with a registered advisor or tax professional. Good luck with the business!


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