Telstra Has Killed CAPTCHA, Now Everyone Else Must Follow

Telstra Has Killed CAPTCHA, Now Everyone Else Must Follow

Last December, Telstra promised to get rid of all CAPTCHA verification from its site by 30 September, 2014. Today, it announced it had reached that goal. This is a worthy achievement which every other CAPTCHA-deploying site must emulate.

CAPTCHA picture from Shutterstock

CAPTCHA is evil. There is no excuse. Let it be gone.

Removing CAPTCHA to give access for all [Telstra Exchange]


  • now lets all get out those bot scripts, and flood telstra with fake registrations and sign ons.

    captcha is evil tho

  • CAPTCHA is not evil, and the arguments against it are flawed. Properly configured CAPTCHA is as accessible – if not moreso – than the site it’s on. Campaign to improve sites making sure their CAPTCHA is properly configured. Campaigning against CAPTCHA as a whole is throwing the baby out with the bathwater.

  • The good thing of CAPTCHA is they are effective at reducing Web spam.But web spammers are evolving and increasingly capable of blocking CAPTCHA’s. There are advance robot programs that was coded to bypass CAPTCHAs images. Just deciphering the images will be another burden to some of your site users and might affect or reduce your conversion.

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