• The Best Discord Bots (and How to Use Them)

    The Best Discord Bots (and How to Use Them)

    If you’ve ever played a video game online, you’ve probably heard of Discord, the free voice, video, and text chat platform that many gamers use to talk. The platform is divided into separate servers with their own members, rules, topics, and channels, but one underused feature is the ability to create and code unique AI-powered…

  • CAPTCHA Can Now Be Decoded By Computers

    CAPTCHA is evil and must be stopped. This much we know. Here’s another nail in the coffin of the universally-loathed authentication system: it turns out that despite being designed to stop automated processes, CAPTCHAs can actually be easily cracked with the right kind of computing power.

  • Why CAPTCHA Is Evil And Must Die

    I have complained about CAPTCHA as a security measure many times around these parts, but that doesn’t stop some of the biggest players in the market continuing to use annoying and often unreadable CAPTCHA security (yes, I’m looking at you, Google, your CAPTCHA sucks to a level arguably only matched by Optus). A new Australian…