Playboy’s Flowchart Teaches Decent Human Beings When To Catcall

Playboy’s Flowchart Teaches Decent Human Beings When To Catcall

Playboy is best known for being one of the main media sources of pictures of unclothed women in the pre-Internet era. In the actual Internet era, it’s the source of this guide detailing the very limited set of circumstances where “catcalling” might be OK.

Earlier this year, non-profit Stop Street Harassment commissioned a study [PDF] that found 65% of women had experienced some form of street harassment. 23% had been touched sexually and 20% had been followed. The organisation highlights a large number of other studies that point out the problem many women (and some men) face while walking down the street.

As Playboy points out, this isn’t a difficult problem to solve. If you don’t know someone, don’t shout lewd comments at them. If you haven’t established a sexual relationship with a person, don’t touch them. Under virtually no circumstances should you follow someone home. It’s simple: treat women (and everyone) with respect.

Flowchart: Should You Catcall Her? [Playboy]


  • This is weird coming from Playboy. Don’t get me wrong, it’s great to see them not being douches. It’s just… weird.

    • Have you read a Playboy? Probably the most women friendly of all the mens magazines to be honest. Even the little comics throughout are generally woman > man. The old jokes about buying playboy for the articles exist because the articles are quite good, there’s not even really THAT much nudity or flesh in the magazine, maybe like 1/6 to 1/5 of it.

      (Disclosure: Currently have a digital Playboy sub, because for $12 for 12 months on Zinio, I figured why the hell not haha)

      • Sure, I’ve read Playboy. I’ve also seen who the owner is.

        I’ve got nothing against the publication and I have nothing against porn. I certainly have nothing against good Reader’s Digest style articles of interest. If the editorial staff have taken the magazine into a less misogynistic direction than the Playboy of old, then fantastic. But let’s be honest, here… the magazine’s owner is nothing if not kind of gross.

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