Foxtel's Presto Movie Streaming Halves Price To $9.99 A Month

When it launched back in March, Foxtel's no-contract streaming movies service Presto cost $19.99. From Sunday, that price will drop to $9.99 a month.

As well as cutting the price in half, Foxtel is also giving existing subscribers a free month using the service — a sensible move, since otherwise it would make sense for those subscribers to cancel and then restart their subscription to access the cheaper price. In July, Presto added support for Chromecast and Android tablets to the existing PC, Mac and iPad options.

As Campbell points out over at Gizmodo, the price cut makes Presto potentially cheaper that Netflix in Australia by the time you've paid for a VPN service — and it's a legal option. That said, Netflix offers a much broader range of content, with TV as well as movies, so I suspect many people will continue to pursue that route or illegal downloads.


    Implying that using a VPN to access Netflix is not legal...

    Wow at least this is a sign that they are listening to the complaints ! All they need is to build a library that rivals Netflix and they should see a supporter base grow... I will continue with Netflix for now but keep an eye on how this progresses

    Nice try Foxtel, but no HD means no tempting our household away from Netflix.

    bit late now, I was excited when it was first released but the $19.99 price tag killed it. I have since made the effort to setup Netflix and that is definitely better than anything Foxtel offer.

    Whilst I haven't tested this out, I read on Ozbargain that Chromecast users get 1 month free trial.

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