Make Your Own Cardboard Virtual Reality Kit

Make Your Own Cardboard Virtual Reality Kit

One of the biggest surprises at this year's Google I/O was the reveal of Cardboard, a simple virtual reality headset that uses your Android phone. Now you can make one at home.

Its construction calls for some cardboard (obviously), magnets, velcro, a rubber band, and the trickiest part: some Durovis OpenDrive Lens Kits. Google's developer site provides the instructions and links to the aforementioned materials you need to construct your headset. Once it's complete, you just need to download the Cardboard app on the Google Play Store, and you're ready for the virtual world. For the complete list of materials and instructions, hit the link below. Bonus: You can use the cardboard from an extra large pizza.

Cardboard [Google Developers]


    The Durovis lenses appeared to sell out just about instantly after Cardboard got announced, and turn this exercise from a $2 one into a $40 one, or you can just buy the kit from DodoCase or a number of other sellers that have popped up for around $20-25.

    Alternatively, you can use just about any convex (planoconvex works, biconvex is better, aspheric biconvex is best) lenses of around the right diameter with a 4cm-ish focal length (shorter or longer might involve some tweaks to the case design). The cheapest option is probably a magnifying glass lens from a discount store (around 3-5x magnification should be about right), or ripping apart from toy binoculars.

    To test the focal length of a random lens, grab a ruler or measuring tape and hold the lens up to a wall, opposite a light source. Move it back and forth until the image on the wall is in focus and measure the distance.

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