Looking For An IT Job? Your Chances Are Better As A Contractor

Looking For An IT Job? Your Chances Are Better As A Contractor

Uncertainty over how much Federal government policy will get through the Senate appears to be affecting hiring plans across all sectors, including IT. According to Hudson’s Employment Trends report, only 21.2 per cent of organisations intend to hire new staff this quarter.

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That figure is almost identical to the hiring intentions for ICT professionals (21.1%). Conversely, 26.4 per cent of organisations expect to hire more ICT contractors.

“Businesses are clearly focused on transformation and are using contractors to bring in specialist expertise and to provide future flexibility depending on economic conditions,” Hudson executive general manager Dean Davidson said. The lesson? Don’t dismiss contracting if you’ve been having trouble finding a role.


    • Why is 10% of your pay going to the agency ?
      Sounds like they are double dipping, as agencies take their fee from the client before paying you. Even if you are PAYG contractor, a lot of agencies have now scrapped the 2.5% fee they used to charge for administrative work.

      • Yeah I know I’m getting rooted, but the experience is worth it. I have tried looking into what type of defense I could put towards the agency and the place I work but have not found much. I do plan on moving on but just wanted to bring to the table the bad side of contract work via agencies which is that these agencies get too much of your money for really doing nothing but being good at marketing. If there were no agencies clients would be forced to hire people directly and the IT world would be better for it IMO.

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