OneDrive Doubling Free Storage, 1TB For Office 365 Users

OneDrive Doubling Free Storage, 1TB For Office 365 Users

Fancy some more free storage? Microsoft has upped the allocation of free storage for OneDrive from 7GB to 15GB. If you’re an Office 365 customer, the news is even better — you now receive 1TB of storage as part of your subscription.

The 15GB figure means that OneDrive matches the free storage offered by Google Drive. There’s nothing to stop you signing up for both, of course. (Check our recent writeup of the pros and cons of using OneDrive for more on that.)

The Office 365 upgrade applies to both Office 365 Home (where 1TB per person is allocated for up to five people) and Office 365 Personal or University (1TB per subscription). Microsoft’s announcement says the additional storage will be added to accounts “soon”.

Microsoft has also cut storage prices for additional OneDrive capacity. It is now charging $US1.99 for 100GB (down from $US7.49), which also matches Google’s pricing.

Massive increase to OneDrive storage plans [OneDrive Blog]


  • Hrmmm 1TB is enough to do a proper system backup to the cloud now, with a heap of space left over for storage. Now, if only I had the bandwidth to do that!

  • I wish those of us with grandfathered OneDrive accounts were doubled to 50gb 🙂

  • The extra space is great but last time I checked (admittedly a few months ago) there were still some pretty big flaws in how onedrive operated compared to the likes of dropbox for business. For example shared folders don’t appear in the windows client, only via the office365 website, so the alternative is using sharepoint online and linking that to onedrive clients but it doesn’t sync very well with large volumes of files and has a limitation of 5000 files/folders where dropbox is 100,000.

    If they could build in team folders / shared folders using onedrive (instead of sharepoint online) that could be accessed via the onedrive client, that would make a huge difference.

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