DIY Doesn't Mean Do It Alone

There's nothing wrong with trying fix or make something yourself, but it's worthwhile keeping safety at the forefront, even when you're building a gigantic mechanical death spider.

That rather unlikely scenario was what Mythbuster's Build Team Member Grant Imahara was up to when, apparently, he very nearly came to a rather squishy end.

"It's nearly crushed me several times... working on it late at night in my shop" he notes in the video interview.

In a piece for MAKE magazine, Imahara goes on to note that this wasn't the best idea:

PRO TIP: Don’t do what I did. Never work alone around heavy or otherwise dangerous equipment.

Wise words indeed, whether you're working on cyber-arachnids or not. If you're not around to Do It (whatever "It" might be) because you've stopped being "Yourself", then all your DIY plans will be for nothing.

Grant Imahara’s Hollywood Dream Machines, and the Spider Robot that Almost Killed Him [MAKE]


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