Unlock Your Computer With A Physical Key

We generally use passwords to lock people out of our computers. But Instructables user Thomas_Kirkup found a way to use an actual, physical key — like the one on your door — to lock and unlock your PC.

You'll need a little electronics know-how to see this project through, and you'll need to invest in an Arduino Leonardo Board and a key-operated on/off switch from which you can remove the key in either position. If you follow Thomas's instructions, you'll end up with a logic switch that emulates pressing Win+L to lock your computer in one position and entering your password in the other.

It might not be the most secure locking system in the world — a password is not prone to lockpicks, and there is potential for tampering with the board itself — but it ranks high in terms of coolness. Of course, you could also use the switch for other things — the on position could be used to fire up a web browser, start a game or perform a more complicated task, for example. Hit the link to read more.

How to Lock Windows with a Key [Instructables via Hack a Day]


    The old 486 era PCs came with a key lock, I think they removed it because people were always losing the keys

      That and you could dimply take off the case and disconnect it...

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