Teach Children Good Password Habits By Making It A Game

Teach Children Good Password Habits by Making it a Game

Creating strong passwords is essential to protecting your accounts. Getting your children involved at an early age sets a great habit for life. Over at the Wall Street Journal, they suggest making privacy into a game.

Photo by Andrew Stawrz.

The game started with using Diceware for passwords and expanded from there:

Harriet loved building strong passwords. Soon I began paying her to build passwords for me too. Eventually she branched out and started selling strong passwords to friends and family members for $US1 each.

Excited by her successful business venture, Harriet soon became curious about some of the other experiments I've tried to reclaim my online privacy. She loved the fake identity that I created for some of my online accounts ("Ida Tarbell," borrowing the name of a turn-of-the-century, muckraking journalist) and decided to use a fake name for her online accounts as well.

Learn about other ways to teach the entire family about privacy by following the link.

Web Privacy Can Be Child's Play [Wall Street Journal]


    Teach kids about privacy by getting kids to buy passwords off other kdis who could have them stored and access them at any time...

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