Sort Your Torrent Folder By Date For Easier Browsing

Sort Your Torrent Folder By Date For Easier Browsing

Even the most organised people have a hard time sifting through a giant downloads folder trying to find that one file — especially if you don’t know what the file’s name is. Sort your downloads folder by date to solve this problem.

This isn’t something everyone will need, but it’s something I’ve found immensely useful lately. When I download a file (via BitTorrent, especially), I don’t know what the file name is, which makes finding it difficult. So, I’ve started sorting my Downloads folder by “Date Created”. That way, the file I just downloaded is always at the top of the list — no searching or scrolling needed. Note: in Windows, you may have to create this column by right-clicking on the sorting headers.

If you keep your Downloads folder clean, this won’t be necessary, but for heavy torrenters (or those that seed everything they download), it’s convenient.


  • How much time did you spent carefully choosing which files to put in that screenshot?

    Key to organizing torrents is to properly set up folders.

    Have a directory ‘Torrents’

    Inside have separate folders.

    Torrent Files

    Then as you use one, right then put it in an appropriate folder else where.

    Not that I have ever or would ever do this. But say you had downloaded a TV show. Have a separate TV Shows folder, organised by series. When you copy the show to a hard drive for your media player. Remove from torrent dir and place in appropriate folder.

    It would serve as a good way to keep track of what you have or haven’t watched. Just go to completed DIR to find something new. If it’s cleaned up this way you won’t have much difficulty.

    Number one thing, delete as much as you can. Are you really going to rewatch the entire US Office series? And if so, just go and buy the fucking dvds you cheap cunt.

    You know how you bought season 1-3 of game of thrones on blu-ray? Just delete the ones you torrented, you’re never going to watch those ones again, you don’t need them and it’s taking up hard drive space.

    Also if you’re poor and keep a computer for more than a year and don’t have the cleanest folders. Create new ones for the new years. 2013, 2014 etc. Or even more frequent.

    Remember, it’s OK to delete things. If you’ve got some sort of ethic code about why you illegally download something due to availability. When it’s legally available, go buy it. A downloaded tv show isn’t an asset. You haven’t lost anything. Plus you can get on a moral high horse of some sort that yes you downloaded illegally but you do buy things you downloaded and so it’s ok.

    Don’t be a douche bag. Back in the early 2000s I was in high school. There was this guy that was big into downloading everything he could. No idea why he needed MAYA or whatever. It was just his compulsion. Once at a lan party another kid took his cd folder and just ripped himself copies of a shitload of stuff. The guy when he found out had a fit. For weeks it was all, ‘Fucking ……….. …….. stole thousands of dollars worth of programs from me.’ Don’t be that douche bag who things like that. That they are worth something.

    The funny part is, a bunch of us were like, ‘you’re a dick you stole them’. However is illegal downloading wasn’t common place people literally thought he stole programs the guy had bought.

    Cool story bro.

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