Download Organiser Sorts And Filters Your Downloads Folder

Download Organiser Sorts and Filters Your Downloads Folder

Mac: The download folder on your Mac can get out of hand pretty quickly. If you want to add a semblance of organisation to it, Download Organiser is a simple tool that makes it easy to sort and organise everything you download.

Download Organiser allows you to set up filters and rules for downloads. For example, you can set it up so that every PowerPoint file you download from a school's website goes to a lecture folder, or everything you download from Gmail goes to an email folder. Setting up a filter requires a couple of seconds of work, and then Download Organiser starts filtering everything you download from that point on.

Download Organiser is nowhere near as powerful as a tool like Hazel, but if you just want to keep your Downloads folder under control, it's cheaper and does the job well.

Download Organiser ($6.49) [Mac App Store via Hacker News]


    Couldn't you do this yourself with the existing folder settings on a mac?

      If you only want to sort by file type and aren't worried about the website the files came from, you can get a similar result with the Automator script here:

    Unrelated: can I get a link to the wallpaper?

    I know this has been asked but my trawling is yielding nothing...

    What are these people downloading so much of that they need to organise/file their downloads? The most common (nearly the only) activity related to my downloads folder is emptying it to regain drive space.

      Funny story, some people actually use their Mac for productivity.

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