Low Glucose Levels Can Lead To More Aggression In Couples

Low Glucose Levels Can Lead to More Aggression in Couples

Not finding everything so sweet with your partner? A study from The Ohio State University found that eating could reduce aggression between you and your spouse.

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They found that the lower the blood sugar of a study participant, the lower the self-control. When a participant was angry with their spouse, they stuck pins in a voodoo doll meant to represent their partner. The lower the blood sugar, the more pins were inserted after the spouse was annoyed.

This isn't shockingly new information (we've all gotten a little "hangry" before), but good to know. While a snack doesn't guarantee a peaceful night, preventing low blood sugar could head off an argument, or at least relieve some of the aggression.

Low glucose relates to greater aggression in married couples [via Ars Technica]


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