IT Survivor: Chrome Presentation Mode Is My Friend

IT Survivor: Chrome Presentation Mode Is My Friend

Thanks to reader Daniel for pointing out a really obvious way to enhance my experience of running Windows 7 on a Chromebook via VMware Horizon View: using Chrome’s full-screen presentation view to get rid of the ChromeOS toolbar.

As I mentioned yesterday, there’s something slightly surreal about seeing the Windows taskbar and then the ChromeOS equivlant below it. Selecting the full-screen mode — which is the box on the main Chrome menu, as seen in the screenshot — eliminates that problem. Result! (And shame on me for not thinking of this myself.)

More videos and tips from Magnetic Island later today, so stay tuned.

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  • I use presentation mode on my OS X Macbook anyway, it rocks! Turns out you don’t need the silly tab bar more than about 10% of the time after all, and it allows you to focus more on the content you’re reading/researching/editing/etc.! It’s quite liberating

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