Hack A $1 IKEA Bag Into A Gardening Pot

Hack A $1 IKEA Bag Into A Gardening Pot

If you’ve ever shopped at IKEA before, you’re doubtlessly familiar with the company’s blue carrier bags. Durable, roomy and weather-resistant, they’re a cost-effective way to store a vegetable or herb garden. Here’s how it’s done.

To build your dirt-cheap gardening pot, you’ll need one IKEA Frakta bag per two medium-sized plants. Here’s the steps you need to take, courtesy of Martina from IKEA Hackers:

At home take some scissors and cut about 3 centimetre from the bottom holes in each bag, every 15 or 20 centimetre apart. It is a very boring task but essential so the water can drain off.
You should start at the place where the plants will stay the whole summer because the bags are very heavy in the end. Then fill the bags with gravel for about 10 – 15 centimetre. Now it will be the last opportunity to rearrange your new plant pots before you fill them with soil (you should use suitable soil for your plants). Don’t fill them completely otherwise the water will overflow.
And finally insert your tomatoes (or other plants) in the soil. Now I have to wait that may tomatoes will grow and I can harvest them in summer.

Martina cautions that you might get some strange looks from IKEA staff if you buy multiple bags in one go (i.e. — they’re also perfect for dismembered body disposal).

[Via IKEA Hackers]


  • How is this a ‘hack’? I use grocery bags for my garbage, is that a hack?

      • Cool I will add this to my CV.

        ‘Can use a plastic bag to hold objects (inc. groceries, trash, furniture, dirt).’


    • I would appreciate if you would post your method – I’ve heard of this hack, but I have consistent trouble trying to replicate it.

  • Not too bad. $1 for a super large pot that could almost accommodate a citrus tree and complete with handles to move it around (not sure if it would break apart when trying to move it though()

  • Vegemite jar into drinking glass hack:

    1. Empty jar of Vegemite
    2. Wash jar
    3. Fill with favourite drinking liquid
    4. Serve

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