IKEA Has a Stylish New Plant Range, With Items Starting at $3

IKEA Has a Stylish New Plant Range, With Items Starting at $3

Sprucing up a bare room or sparse office space can be as simple as adding some plants. Luckily for us, IKEA has introduced a new range of green-living pieces that includes a number of items that will help elevate your gardening game and foster stylish ways to add plants to your space. Plus, the new DAKSJUS range won’t break the bank, with prices starting from as low as $3.

IKEA new plant and gardening range: What’s included?

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IKEA’s new DAKSJUS collection is a limited-edition release and includes everything from pot plants, to plant stands, hanging planters and gardening accessories like gloves and aprons.

The range is available starting today, February 1, and is available to shop both in-store and online.

Here’s a list of the new items:

  • DAKSJUS box with lid (off-white/yellow or blue) set of 2 – $12
  • DAKSJUS gloves – $4
  • DAKSJUS hang planter (green/light grey) – $25
  • DAKSJUS plant pot, set of 6 – $10
  • DAKSJUS plant pot (blue/green/yellow/brown) set of 2 – $19
  • DAKSJUS plant stand 144cm – $99
  • DAKSJUS plant stand 21cm – $10
  • DAKSJUS plant stand 60cm – $39
  • DAKSJUS plant support, set of 2 – $12
  • DAKSJUS plant stand w 3 plant pots (light green/grey beige) – $79
  • DAKSJUS potting mat – $3
  • DAKSJUS self-watering insert, set of 2 – $15
  • DAKSJUS self-watering pot 22x22cm – $39
  • DAKSJUS self-watering pot 27x13cm – $35
  • DAKSJUS sprouting dish – $10
  • DAKSJUS tablecloth 145×240 (off white/blue) – $25
  • DAKSJUS tray 42x44cm – $7
  • DAKSJUS vase, set of 3 – $15
  • DAKSJUS apron – $10

If you’d like some tips for looking after your new plants, IKEA has provided some of those as well. Recommendations include:

  • Lift your plants off the ground by using a shelving unit or plant stand. Adding a plant stand will create different levels to your green space, creating a lush vertical “green wall “.
  • To figure out what plants will work in your space, consider your sunlight. IKEA’s plant labels show whether a plant needs shade, indirect light or full sun. Daylight can be a very limited resource in a home. Where you do have it, build vertically and place your plants on a high shelf.
  • Ground your green space by defining an indoor/outdoor space to entertain or relax using green plants, which will support creating a seamless transition from one space to another, whether you’re inside or outside your home. You can do this by placing an outdoor rug or wooden floor decking/artificial grass flooring or creating a “plant corner”.
  • If you’re unsure how often to water plants, this self-watering plant pot can help. The insert keeps the soil nice and moist, so your plants can thrive even if you can’t water them regularly.

IKEA’s new plant range comes off the back of research that the retailer did last year for its IKEA Life at Home. One of the findings in this research was that 19 per cent of Australians regularly talk to their plants at home. They’re members of the family, ok!

So, if you too would like a plant friend to keep you company, head on over to IKEA and check out the new range.

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