Conceal A Game Of 2048 In An Excel Spreadsheet

Keen on playing 2048 but don't want to be seen fiddling away on your phone? There are a couple of excellent implementations of the popular game using Excel, including one that's disguised to look like a regular spreadsheet.

Microsoft's Excel blog highlights two neat 2048 Excel "clones" (unsurprising, since 2048 itself is a clone). If you want the full-blown experience, there's a nifty graphical version that also includes gameplay analysis.

If you're feeling sneaky, this one is a lot more low-key. Note that if your workplace locks down the use of macros, this won't work.

If you get busted, you can explain you were examining the formulas for use in your own programming. (We do not guarantee this strategy will work.)

2048… Excel Style! [Excel Blog]


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