Avoid Morning Time Wasters By Switching To A Traditional Alarm Clock

Avoid Morning Time Wasters By Switching To A Traditional Alarm Clock

Checking your email in the morning is one of the best ways to derail your productivity. If you find you’re too tempted, switching to a normal alarm clock could keep the temptation at bay.

Photo by Lukasz Hejnak

PBS Mediashift details a number of ways to “unplug” on its blog. While unplugging completely can be a nice way to relax — say, on holiday — some of the tips apply to regular daily life, too. For example, if you use your phone as an alarm clock, you’re probably more tempted to use it as soon as you wake up:

First, get yourself a traditional alarm clock. If you rely on your phone, the first thing you do in the morning is grab that phone. It takes a lot of control not to then check email or shoot off a text. Put the phone in another room while you sleep and have a moment to welcome the day before embracing technology.

It may seem silly and outdated to some of you — and may seem obvious to those already using normal alarm clocks — but if you’re tempted to check email, Facebook, and other sites before you even get out of bed, this can help you ease the temptation and start getting work done.

Tips for Unplugging and What to Do Once You Do [PBS Mediashift via 99u]


  • Not that I use a phone as an alarm clock, but there are very few traditional alarm clocks out there that don’t have an obnoxiously load ticktock, which generally raises my anxiety levels through the roof… 🙂

    • Pretty sure any traditional “digital” alarm clock doesn’t tick. Unless its in a sports bag on the train.

      And last I checked, I can’t check facebook and emails on them either.

      • True… but going from the image above, I think my meaning was clear… Besides, I’ve yet to find a digital alarm clock that I didn’t have to cover with something to stop it from lighting the room up like a neon nightmare, so there are plusses and minus’s to both afaik…! 🙂
        Atm I use a Logitech UE Smart Radio which would be perfect if not for the lighting control…

        • Actually I got one (from Dicksmith) recently that had a brightness setting! just readable at night was the lowest setting.

          • Heh… If that was available when I bought the Logitech UE I probably would have bought it instead, it’s cheaper too…! 🙂
            Having said that the UE is a very nice setup, with as many alarms as you want and plenty of ways to access radio stations and your own stuff. The lighting issue I solved with some tinted glass on a magnetic holder. It actually can be dialled down to almost invisible at night, but during the day you can’t see it and you can’t access the thing without resetting it to defaults… The biggest problem though is that local small town stations can no longer afford the rights to broadcast over the net and have stopped doing so. Really disappointed about that one… 🙁

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