Want A Pay Rise? Ask On A Tuesday

Want A Pay Rise? Ask On A Tuesday

It’s never easy to ask for a pay rise, but you can improve your chances by timing your question carefully. One potentially useful tactic? Ask on a Tuesday.

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We’ve pointed out before that Tuesdays are the most productive day of the week, and you can use that to your advantage when seeking a raise. As career coach JT O’Donnell notes on her LinkedIn page:

Waiting until you can get on your manager’s schedule for a meeting at that time could help you. You want your boss clear-headed and feeling productive. If you focus on meeting at a time where he is more likely to be in a better mood, he may also be more positive and proactive about helping you map out a goal for your raise.

Tuesday alone won’t help — you’ll still need good reasons why you are worth more to your employer — but choosing the optimum time is definitely sensible. Don’t go with Mondays (everyone’s in a bad mood) or late in the week (it’s too easy to defer the request).

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