How To Stop That 'Feedly Blocked' Message

Seeing a message from Feedly telling you that Feedly is being blocked by an unnamed extension? A simple URL hack will fix the issue.

Lots of people (myself included) started seeing this message when loading Feedly in a browser this morning:

Feedly is not able to load. It is probably because one of your extensions is blocking it. If you run Adblock, HTTPSEverywhere, Awesome screenshot etc.. please make sure that is white listed.

That, however, isn't the cause of the problem. If you're seeing this message, add https:// to the front of the Feedly address, and you should be fine. A handy temporary fix until Feedly sorts itself out.


    You just saved me, thank you.. Although this now makes me want to find an alternate to Feedly more than ever..

      You could give inoreader a go, just got a makeover and you can now have feeds displayed in list, extended, column or card views and this can be applied on a per feed basis. They are google reader style api compliant, and have their own app.

    I was thinking that work had blocked it because I was on it too much!

    EDIT: The irony of seeing this article in my feedly feed after I get feedly working!

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    It made me wonder if something was similar was blocking comments showing from Lifehacker articles so often. At first I thought it was intentional until I saw article requests for comments.

    It didnt work to me.
    I tried:

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