How Do You Take The Agony Out Of Cleaning And Make It Fun?

How Do You Take The Agony Out Of Cleaning And Make It Fun?

Few people love to clean, but we all have to do it sometimes. We’ve shown you how to speed up your laundry and automate your other chores , but what about making them fun? What do you do to take the agony out of cleaning?

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Redditor NewRedditorHere suggests some laughs:

I was doing the dishes last night while listening to a Netflix standup comedy show and I couldn’t stop laughing while doing the dishes :/ It actually made it enjoyable.

Personally, I catch up on podcast backlogs. What do you do?

Download some standup comedy and listen to it while you clean [Reddit]


  • I prefer listening to music that’s got a fast pace. I end up sweeping to the beat.

  • +1 podcasts, including a lot of BBC radio comedy shows, some of which you can now find on YouTube, like “The Unbelievable Truth”. I get most of my cleaning and cooking done to these.

  • On the one hand: angry old man rant.

    How do you… what? Oh my god. You don’t. It’s boring and a chore and it always will be.

    What you DO is realize that life is full of things that you don’t want to do, and you resign yourself to being bored occasionally, which provides a contrast to enrich the things in your life which are actually fun.

    And when you DO finally realize this, live it, and don’t bitch about it continually, this is how you know you are now an adult. It’s called growing up. You’ll be a stronger person better able to handle the pitfalls that life IS going to throw at you, where you will be in bad situations and have to deal with them instead of trying desperately to find some way of distracting yourself or turning it into a game.

    Save that escapism for events our forefathers traditionally used it for – major crises, loss of loved ones, etc. Because if you over-use it, when you need it, it won’t work.

    Something that the Angry-bird ‘I can’t go thirty seconds without entertainment or I’ll DIE’ generation will never understand. Those Virgin mobile public transport ads with, “If you’re reading this, you must have run out of data,” are the most scathing indictment there is of the smartphone generation.

    On the other hand: music, go someplace in your imagination. It’s the closest we get to meditation, these days.

    • I’m fine with the idea that life will throw tasks that you won’t want to do, but if you have the option of making certain trivial activities fun, do it.

    • lol what. I don’t even understand at all. It sucks so don’t try to make it better?

      • Well, the ‘angry old man’ line of thinking is, “Don’t waste a bunch of time and energy with ‘try and make it fun’, just get it over with already.” If it’s just ‘listen to music while you work’, then yeah, cool. But if it’s coming up with anything that makes the thing take longer or some app to ‘gamify’ it, or whatever, then stop dicking around and just get it done.

        • I like gamifying things though :< Like apps that give me a variable amount of spending money depending on how productive I am 😀

  • Audiobooks and/or podcasts are what’s gotten me through ALL the boring day-to-day tasks in life for many years. Cleaning, washing, laundry, gardening, cooking etc… My brain cannot cope with uni-tasking, esp when the task is not challenging the brain… ala housework and other domestic chores.

    Last weekend I read two whole books end-to-end while cleaning out the shed, filling the 10m3 skip-bin and driving to and from self-storage locker many many times.

  • While it doesn’t make cleaning any more fun, the agony is lessened by buying decent quality products.

    For example, we splashed out for a Dyson vacuum. We have lots of rugs and animals that shed all year round. The previous vacuum had the suction power of an asthmatic gerbil with a drinking straw. With the new one, it takes a quarter of the time and does a much better job.

  • My favorite way: Hire someone else to do it.

    It’s easier, it’s more fun, and you’ll sleep better knowing that you’re doing your doing your bit to create jobs in these tough economic times.

    • These are tough econimic times?
      Guess you weren’t around in the 80s for 18% interest rates and 8+% unemployment.

  • Does any one take any pride in a job well done? Like it may suck but once your done. Looks good.

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