Google Drive Storage Is Now Cheaper

Google Drive provides 15GB of free storage, which is shared between your email, documents and photos. If you want more than that, paying to add it is now a little cheaper.

Upgrading to 100GB now costs $1.99 a month (down from $4.99). 1TB a month now costs $9.99 (down from $49.99), and 10TB now costs $99.99 (all prices are US dollars). This looks somewhat like an example of decoy pricing — 10 times as much data for five times the price makes that option tempting. However, for an individual, 1TB is an awful lot to store, especially at Australian broadband speeds.

Save more with Google Drive [Google Drive Blog]


    I just wish they would remove the 10Gb file limit size,I would love to move my iPhoto library backup up to the cloud.

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