Google Combines Gmail And Drive Storage

Google Combines Gmail And Drive Storage

Google is eliminating its separate quotas for Gmail and other services, combining Gmail’s previous 10GB quota with the 5GB allocated to Google Drive and Picasa/Google+ Pictures. That change will also affect Apps for Business users, who now have 30GB to use however they like.

Google will update its storage tracking page to include a pie chart demonstrating where your storage is used. Bear in mind that documents created natively in Drive don’t count towards the total; nor do pictures smaller than 800 by 800 (or 2048 by 2048 if you upload pictures via Google+, as unlikely as that is).

Google began down this path last September, when it combined storage totals for Drive and Picasa (and trimmed the total amount of storage on offer at the same time). The latest change does have advantages for Gmail users, since it means you can now expand your available storage beyond the previous upper limit of 25GB, presuming you’re happy to pay.

As with most Google changes, this will roll out gradually over a few weeks (it hasn’t shown up on my account yet).

Bringing it all together: 15 GB now shared between Drive, Gmail, and Google+ Photos [Google Drive Blog]


  • I find it interesting that Google offers 15GB at no cost, yet my hosting service charges $10 a month for 1GB.

    Google should take a step into the world of hosting and possibly domains. .google would be a catchy end.

    Anyone know if it’s possible to host a wordpress setup on a google drive account?

    • Google has its own hosting service called Google Sites. I don’t think it supports third party software but then I’ve never used it so I may well be wrong.

    • 1GB for $10? The most expensive of my web hosts charges me less than $10 for “unlimited” space.

      Yes I’m sure they have a fair use policy restricting it to something lower but I last checked a few years ago and I was using 50GB, One of my websites is fetching large amounts of map data on a weekly schedule and never deletes any of it so this should have grown considerably by now and they have never contacted me about it.

      • I ended up going with panthur hosting, advanced economy plan after good recommendations on whirlpool. 1GB of space and 10GB of transfer data. Their starter hosting was 50MB (now 150MB), near on unusable for anything with image data.

        I’d be happy if I could set the wordpress media library to an external source, say an imgur account or set external feature images (as I url link to images within posts).

  • I have 25GB Skydrive + unlimited email…

    Cant believe Gmail has a cap on email storage :/

    • Early adopters may have 25GB, but Skydrive now only gives 7GB of free storage. As for email caps, I think you could squeeze a bit more smugness in there if you tried. 15GB of free storage you can use for anything is a good deal, hardly ‘can’t believe’ material.

    • Remember when Hotmail had a 10mb storage limit? There’s a good reason so many of us moved to Google’s ecosystem and Microsoft playing overcompensating catch-up won’t convince me to go back.

  • Its great that they are merging the storage, but I’d like to see them increase the attachment limit as well.

    • Its nice to want this feature, but pointless when support is required on both ends to send and receive… 25mb is the norm for most services, if you need more use the GDrive or YouSendIt or Skydrive etc

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