Click&Clean Provides One-Click Access To Privacy Features

Click&Clean Provides One-Click Access To Privacy Features

Chrome/Firefox: It’s not that it’s difficult opening your browser’s privacy settings to find the feature you’re looking for, but why not have one-click access to all those features right in the toolbar? Click&Clean gives you just that.

Click&Clean provides quick access to privacy features in Chrome and Firefox, including the ability to clear the cache, history and other private data. You can also use it to securely close your browser, in which case Click&Clean clears private data before shutting down according to criteria you set.

Click&Clean (Free) [Click&Clean Security and Privacy Software via GuidingTech]


  • I find it ironic how it needs to “Access all data on your computer and the websites you visit” when a simple keyboard shortcut in Chrome does the exact same thing for. Not to mention there are numerous duplicate copy/paste reviews dating between June 2013 and Jan 2014 from different people writing the exact same “positive” review – exact same words, all in capitals.


    • Yeah this has been reported here recently, and it is a complete waste of time, plus it caused me a headache when I tried it, because it crashed my system…

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