Briefly: Classical Art In 3D, DirectX 12 Explained, Free Kindle Ebooks

Brief news items of note for Lifehacker readers, including: classical art re-imagined in 3D, battiest Flight MH370 conspiracy theories, vegetarianism for beginners.

  • Ekho is a Hungarian graphic artist who specialises in making three-dimensional renders of famous artworks using LightWave 3D. The results are somewhere between a neat pop-up book and actually being inside the painting. Click here to check out Ekho’s take on Gyula Benczúr’s ‘The Recapture of Buda Castle in 1686’.
  • Last week, Microsoft confirmed that a new iteration of its gaming and multimedia API DirectX will be coming in 2015. Head over to Kotaku for all the current details.
  • Have you ever wondered what The Wolf of Wall Street would have been like if it starred the dwarf Tyrion Lanister from Game of Thrones? Wonder no longer.
  • Amazon is offering 10 free Kindle ebooks across the topics of Business, Management and Chemistry. Click here for the full range of titles.
  • If you’re thinking about becoming a vegetarian, you need to bone up on the pitfalls and mistakes that often trip beginners up. PoPSugar Health & Fitness has the complete skinny.
  • It has now been over a fortnight since Flight MH370 vanished without a trace. Gizmodo has published 12 of the strangest conspiracy theories to gain traction thus far; from mobile phone hijackings to the inevitable alien abduction claims. Click here for the crazy.

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