Wi-Fi Matic Disables Wi-Fi On The Go Without Using GPS

Wi-Fi Matic Disables Wi-Fi When You're Away From Networks Sans GPS

Android: Constantly scanning for Wi-Fi networks can be a big battery drain. Wi-Fi Matic reduces this problem by only enabling Wi-Fi when you're near a network you frequently connect to, and detecting your location via mobile networks.

Disabling Wi-Fi when away from home or work is nothing new, but this app stands out by allowing you to automate the process with your location without using GPS, which is also a big battery drain. While your phone is already checking for mobile tower connections, GPS checks are only necessary for fine location. Since Wi-Fi Matic only detects coarse location, the strain on your battery should be minimised, in addition to requiring very little set up (compared to an option such as Tasker).

Wi-Fi Matic [Google Play Store via Guiding Tech]


    Smart Wifi Toggler has been doing this for a long time

    Llama (and all the other automating apps) also does this, and virtually everything else you'd want to automate based on the mobile tower you're connected to at any one time.

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