Smart WiFi Toggler For Android Toggles Wi-Fi And Data Automatically

Android: Smart WiFi Toggler is a free utility that automatically learns where your preferred wireless networks are located and joins them when you're nearby. When you leave the wireless range, the app will turn off your phone's Wi-Fi radio so you don't waste battery searching for networks while you move around.

If you frequently switch between Wi-Fi at home or the office and 3G/4G on the go, you know it sucks to look down at your phone only to see you left Wi-Fi on while you're driving and your battery has suffered as a result. XDA forum member sebouh00 designed Smart WiFi Toggler to handle this problem.

The app uses your phone's network location so you don't trade one battery drain (scanning for Wi-Fi networks) for another (scanning for GPS location). The app even automatically learns where those networks are located so you don't have to program it manually.

Granted, Smart WiFi Toggler doesn't do anything that JuiceDefender or Tasker can't already do, but Smart WiFi Toggler is completely free, less complicated and does one thing very well.

Smart WiFi Toggler [Google Play via xda-developers]


    I would love this app... but work about 500m from home... so I doubt the app would differ between work and home.

    Llama also has this capability and many other capabilities and is also free.

    +1 for Llama.....just started using it but its seems to have hit a sweet spot of usability vs complexity

    The battery drain just happened to me yesterday on my tablet. Neglected to turn wifi off when I got to work and by noon when i realised it, battery dropped more than I'm used to!

    Will try it out (then maybe Llama if I'm not happy with it) and hope for the best!

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