The Flights Qantas Is Getting Rid Of And Changing

The Flights Qantas Is Getting Rid Of And Changing

As part of a massive restructure that will see 5000 jobs lost and orders for new planes deferred and cancelled, Qantas is also dumping and altering some flights, including direct flights between Perth and Singapore. Here’s what frequent flyers need to know.

Perth-Singapore: Qantas is cancelling flights between Perth-Singapore, effective from the beginning of July. Its daily QF77 Perth-Singapore flight (0905-1425) and QF78 (1835-2450) Singapore-Perth flight are on the chopping block. For cheaper flyers, Jetstar also flies daily.

Oddly, this means Qantas isn’t running any direct international flights with its own aircraft from Perth at all. It offers Jetstar flights to Bali and Jakarta and codeshare flights to Dubai and Johannesburg (though the latter are also apparently drawing to an end).

Smaller flights to Singapore Qantas will replace its B747 services between Sydney-Singapore and Brisbane-Singapore with smaller A330 aircraft, also in July. (So if you’re already booked on one of those flights, best to check your seat assignment.)

Timetable change for Melbourne-London. From November, Qantas will retime its Melbourne-London A380 flights to “reduce A380 ground time at Heathrow”. Currently, QF9 departs Melbourne at 1615, and arrives at Heathrow at 0510 the next day. The turnaround QF10 service leaves Heathrow at 2215. A retiming might see Qantas switch to midday departures from Heathrow, or alternatively it could leave Melbourne much later and arrive at Heathrow in the middle of the day.

From Qantas’ perspective, that frees up an additional A380. For customers, it may not be such welcome news — the flight times may be less convenient and the chances of a delay will increase, since minimal turnarounds often have a cascading effect when things go wrong. But we’ll have to wait and see.

Lifehacker Australia editor Angus Kidman is feeling like his Frequent Flyer membership would be less use in Perth. His Road Worrier column, looking at technology and organising tips for travellers, appears each week on Lifehacker.


  • QF9 may have already shifted – my June flight was originally due to depart in the afternoon – about a month ago they shifted the departure to 19:35 arriving 10:05 – not a bad change unless you were going to head straight from London to Paris on the Eurotunnel.

  • Qantas charge enough for there flights. if they are still not making a profit maybe they should look at their overheads… like there CEO salary?

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            I’m fine with people not using proper grammar and not typing EXACTLY perfect. But it’s common stuff which people obviously don’t know the meaning of, when they really should.

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    • They have taken a look at it. Hence it’s been cut.
      Maybe if the unions spent less time striking the company wouldn’t be making a loss.

      • or maybe if the unions spent less time complaining about their pay that is already the highest in the industry, they would have more money leftover. Idiot unionists have absolutely no idea about how to run a business, all they know is how to be a leech.

        Let’s assume Alan Joyce makes $10m per year (I think he actually makes a lot less than that, not counting shares). And he takes an 80% paycut, that’s $8m. Assuming average wage of 40k, that saves 200 jobs. Qantas has something like 30k employees? And they’re cutting 5k? That’s not even a drop in the ocean.

        • To add to your point. It is well known that Qantas have the highest paid employees in the industry due to long serving staff and guaranteed wage increases every year.
          When a flight attendant is making 30-40% more than the average, that’s a massive burden in an industry with such tight margins.

      • It’s sad that people actually believe this lie.

        The company is making a loss because it is propping up Jetstar Asia, because it’s shifting costs from Jetstar to QF international without proper arms-length practice, because it’s been steadily outsourcing more and more, because it’s executive is paid obnoxious salary (Joyce just got a million bonus) and of course the primary reason:


        Only one job needs to go at Qantas: Alan Joyce’s

        • I’d never join a union. I know I would get paid a lot more on my merits. And it would shit me if someone lazy got paid the same as me.

          Unions benefit the lazy and the weak.

  • I will be Platinum in a fortnights time thanks to my FIFO Job.

    Its pretty useless in Perth, just gets me and two others into the lounge, and I have used my FF Points on a Jetstar flight to Bali in April.
    The Flight has had its times changed literally 4 times in the past fortnight, I am guessing its something to do with all this restructuring. from 12PM to 3AM, not happy

  • Much is incorrect in the above story:
    QANTAS code-share partner Emirates does not fly to Singapore from Perth, nor does it have any flight that departs Perth at 10 past midnight. South African has recently announced that it is severing it’s code-share agreement with QANTAS, hence there will be no Perth to Johannesburg flights under the QANTAS name.

  • It is a shame to see that Qantas is going down this way, I think it was the Indian national carrier that had issues and then other foreign airlines filled in the gaps. Now they are flying direct between India and Australia. Emirates (Dubai) on the other hand have dominated the international flights as Virgin has with the domestic. There are some bits and pieces that are picked up by Singapore and Ethiad (Abu Dhabi). For many it will be about affordable travel but I would still miss my QC and waiting to see my card turn colours and feel dejected or happy as per how the year was. I wish I was clocking FFM on a daily basis, but then I am not the one earning $10,000+ a day.

  • Sad to see “Our National Carrier” doesn’t fly any of its own planes out from Perth International anymore. BTW can the pollies drop “Our national carrier”? The nation hasn’t owned Qantas for 17 years now. Nationally born might be more appropriate

    • It’s still – thanks to the Qantas Act – our national Carrier, even if it’s been privatised.

      We live on an Island. It’s critical that we retain an Airline that has majority Australian ownership and is based, staffed and maintained in this country.

      Should the crap ever hit the fan and we find our country embroiled in regional tensions again we don’t want to have our ability to leave our island, and our ability to ship goods in and out, held to ransom by another state’s airline.

      Airline maintained in China…. “Oh sorry, your A330 will be about another 2 weeks”
      That wingstrut held in storage in Indonesia… “Uhhh, we can’t find it, I think it’s near the orange boats”
      The crew from Korea… “The pilot is sick, yes again, so sorry the plane can’t fly”
      Airline owned by the Arabs… “Ha, no flights for you, one year”

  • $253 million in debt. Fact- 6 days before Qantas went to the government crying poor they spent $100 million on buying back their shares and finalised the $130 million expansion into Japan. Add a $3-5 million dollar CEO sallary ontop of that and you’d be getting warm as to where the money has gone.

    • And today I read an article about Quantas spinding close to $4 million on the latest Modern Family deal. A deal that was being negitioated as it emailed staff requesting suggestions of cost cutting as it was likley the airline would post a loss in the ballpark of $250 million. No sympathy for the company and no they should not be finacially backed. But my Deapest Sympathy to all their staff who face an uncertain future due to this massive managment mis-spending.

  • I returned to UK on 5th of May and was told that the changed times were to avoid delays in Dubia due to congestion while the runways were being resurfaced.

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