Here’s The Pricing For Qantas’ Direct Flights To London

Here’s The Pricing For Qantas’ Direct Flights To London

Qantas has revealed the pricing for its first direct flight between Perth and London – and the tickets go on sale today. A non-stop return Economy flight to London will officially set you back $2270, although Qantas is promising prices below $2000 during promotional periods. Here are the details.

Qantas’ new non-stop flight to London kicks off on 24 March 2018 with tickets available to purchase now. It will take approximately 17 hours – which makes it the longest flight on the Qantas network.

Flights will be made daily by Boeing 787-Dreamliners; a new aircraft specifically designed for long-haul flights. It boasts a 236 seat count which is lower than equivalent aircraft from most rival airlines, translating to more room for customers. (You can find out more about Qantas’ 787-Dreamliner here.)

“We’re conscious that this is a long flight, but not much longer than our Sydney to Dallas service. It’s the kind of route that the Dreamliner was created for, because of its built-in features to reduce jetlag and improve the overall travel experience,” Qantas CEO Alan Joyce said in a statement.

“…It used to take four days and seven stops but now we’re able to link Australia and UK in a single hop. It’s a level of convenience Australians have never had before.”

So how much will a flight cost you? As mentioned, return Economy flights for the Melbourne-London and Perth-London routes start from $2270. (Note: Melbourne flights include a stopover in Perth.) Qantas expects fares to drop below $2000 during sale periods.

Year round return Premium Economy fares start from $4450 between Melbourne and London and from $4250 between Perth and London. Year round return Business fares start from $9890 return between Melbourne and London and from $9725 between Perth and London.

Currently, customers from other Australian cities, including Sydney, will need to connect to London via Perth. On the plus side, the international and domestic flights will arrive and depart from the same terminal which should translate to a seamless transition from one aircraft to another.

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    • According to Qantas’ web site, for flights on 24 Mar 2018:-
      QF577 SYD/PER, 0 stops
      QF9 PER/LHR, 0 stops
      Flex Fare $1990. Seems strange that this is cheaper than the price quoted above.

      Likewise, the ‘normal’ route on QF1 from SYD/LHR with 1 stop in Dubai costs:-
      Saver: $1105
      Flex: $1625.

  • I’m a little sceptical of this route’s success. 17 hours in Economy will be a nightmare. Throw in a couple of crying kids and yucky toilets for good measure.

    • It’s not that bad, I’ve done the Sydney to Dallas route in Economy multiple times which is quite the long haul as well, the Qantas staff really does an amazing job.

  • I don’t understand this. Might be useful for people who live on west coast. But for people on the east it’s not faster or easier or cheaper than flying to London via Dubai or HongKong.

    • It’s going to be slightly faster, but will have other advantages like quicker/easier flight changes from interstate connections as opposed to transiting international. May also be useful for certain nationalities which may need to obtain visas even for transit purposes from AU to UK (some middle eastern/african passport holders). I personally think it will be a great way to redeem some QFF points to upgrade to biz class on a journey like this.

  • I doubt this route will be popular with the traveling public. What´s the rush to get to London an hour or so earlier? and be charged a higher price for the privilege! I live in Perth and will continue to travel via SE Asia.

    • I live in Perth too and would rather one flight, rather than stop over somewhere for an indeterminate number of hours.

  • For the same price, I cannot see why people from the east coast would choose to transit at Perth, instead of Singapore, which is cheaper, more exotic, with more food options.

    It would be a disaster to spend 5 hours on a flight from Sydney to Perth and then jump onto another 17 hour flight straight way.

  • For curiosity I compared the price business class Perth-London return with some SE Asian airlines servicing Perth. About $10,000 Qantas direct compared to about $7,000 for a well-known SE Asian airline. I hope Qantas has a sufficient pool of wealthy business class passengers to continually fill their seats. Once the novelty of a direct flight wanes, the hip-pocket nerve will prevail. And as for travelers from the East coast well, good luck Qantas.

  • I flew with Qantas and KLM (Dutch National airline) Economy class to Europe and back last year and it really opened my eyes up to how bad Aussie airlines are in their meals, cleanliness of aircraft toilets and their service both at the airport check-in and onboard the flight. Sure, there are worse airlines, but there are also numerous better and sometimes cheaper airlines with better service, meals, and clean facilities. Makes me think the current Qantas CEO is only making the company look good on paper and not in reality!

    Flying from Perth is pointless because 80% of the population lives in the Eastern states of Australia according to Wikipedia. Not including long queues and delays at the airport, this would add at least 4 hours and 15 minutes to an 17 hour flight to London! I suspect Qantas are only doing this new route because Scoot was the first to fly cheaply to Europe from Perth, landing in Athens for a small fraction of the Qantas asking price to London.

  • The direct flight from Perth with Qantas shouldnt cost more than a $1200.00 return for they do safe quite a heap of fuel and a few hours time.
    Maybe a bit more between June and half August.
    s a rip off!

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