Housenet: A ‘Hookup’ App For People Who Hate Valentine’s Day

Housenet is a social networking app designed to introduce local residents to each other for platonic fun. According to the creators, it’s also a great way to arrange a non-romantic play date on Valentine’s Day with like-minded neighbours.

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“For better or worse, Valentine’s is our only ‘day of love’ each year so it should be inclusive and something we can all enjoy”, the app’s founder Darren Moffatt explains.

“Singles and long-term couples with no interest in romance this February 14th, can still spread love and goodwill in their community by joining the app.”

Housenet automatically connects residents in the same suburb so they can forge new relationships within their local community. Upon joining, the app will introduce users to other members in the area who wish to connect. It’s basically like Tinder but without the hanky-panky aspect. There’s also a community page for each suburb that acts as a residents’ bulletin board.

“It’s like the old chat over the backyard fence, but online. So now you can potentially meet all your neighbours via the internet, in one place,” Moffatt says.

Okay, so it’s pretty obvious that Housenet is attempting to piggyback publicity off a national event, but the app’s founder does have a point: if you’re single, there aren’t many social options available on 14 February; especially if all your friends are in relationship.

Instead of twiddling your thumbs at home, it might be worth giving this app a shot. What’s the worst that could happen?

Click here to download the app.

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