Find Out If You're A Good Liar Or Not With This Five-Second Test

Don't click play on this video yet or you'll ruin the surprise! First, try this quick test to find out if you're an expert at deception or not.

Quick, draw a capital Q on your forehead.... Now you can read on or watch the video.

University of Hertfordshire psychology professor Richard Wiseman says in the video above that the direction you draw the Q can reveal if you're a good liar or not — and, interestingly enough, whether you're an extrovert or an introvert.

You can take the test with a big grain of salt, since undoubtedly many introverts are adept at lying. The way you chose to draw the Q, however, could say something about your perspective.

Are you a good liar? Find out in five seconds [YouTube via Smithsonian]


    So I got my girlfriend to try this, her Q was upside down...

    The fact you have a 'Q' in your article will schew individual results, for a true result the direction to draw the 'Q' must be verbally done.

      Yup, exactly.

      I read it and traced the Q on my head while staring at the letter on the screen, meaning I drew it exactly as I saw it.

    I drew the O bit, paused for a second and then drew the tail to the left because I guessed how this test was going to play out. What does that say about me?

    It told me to draw a Q on my forehead with my finger, that's what I did.

    There's only one correct way to draw a Q ON your forehead. It confuses me that anyone would do it the other way.

    Drew it with the tail to the left, but I'm incredibly introverted. Does this mean that learning to cope with being in crowds and around people I don't know has made me an awesome liar?

    Look behind you the Apocalypse!

      This was my train of thought, ugh just thinking about having people at my house physically drains me.

      Dammit…you made me look. There wasn't an apocalypse. There was only a giant green pony with a rainbow mane.

        Each person experiences the Apocalypse in his or her own unique way.

    Interesting. My introverted, analytical style of thinking made me draw the Q with the tail to the left. I am also one of the worst liars around (incidentally, I'm not quite good at telling the truth either since I don't tend to sugar-coat it).

    I drew it to my right, I'm introverted but I've played at poker tournaments and play many games with friends that involve outright lying in their faces and can get away with it most of the time. So I don't think I'm a bad liar.

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