The Five Basic Questions Interviewers Really Want You To Answer

The Five Basic Questions Interviewers Really Want You to Answer

You could spend a lot of time trying to prepare for every possible job interview question (and there are a lot). Most job interviews, however, really boil down to just five things employers want to know about you.

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The Undercover Recruiter says:

The reason you will always struggle to prepare answers to every single question you are asked in an interview is that the interviewer themselves didn't prepare them. They don't really care too much about all the answers you give either. What we do know is that an interviewer has one major objective to fulfil and that is to get the answers to the five basic questions. Based on the answers, he or she will then compare the answers to that of any other interviewer's and they will then rule you in or out.

The five questions are:

  • What brings you to this interview? (Why you're looking for a new job and why you're interested in this company)
  • What value will you add to our company? (How your skills will be directly applicable to the job)
  • Can you work well with the team?
  • What is special about you?
  • What's your salary and when you can start?

The interviewer might not phrase the questions in that way (they may well phrase them like this), but when you're preparing for your interview, make sure you have examples to cover all of these bases.

The Only 5 Interview Questions You Need to Prepare For [The Undercover Recruiter via Donna Svei]


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