Stand Out By Building Your Strengths, Rather Than Fixing Every Flaw

Stand Out By Building Your Strengths, Rather Than Fixing Every Flaw

When it comes to self-improvement, there’s a tendency to focus on things you don’t do well. That’s a never-ending battle though. Instead, focus your time on the defining, unique skills you possess.

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As self-improvement blog It Starts With Us points out, you’re going to have areas where you’re just plain not good enough. While it’s great to build up some of your key weaknesses, don’t stress over every little thing you suck at. Instead, focus that energy on emphasising the things you do well:

I cannot stress this enough: Know who you are, and BE THAT PERSON. If you’re funny, don’t try to be too serious. If you’re serious, don’t try to be too funny. Look for ways that you can work in the things you’re good at, and stay under the radar when you’d be forced to play your weakest hand. Don’t try to fix all your weaknesses — that’s a losing game. Just mitigate any ill effects from those, and then capitalise on your strengths. The point is to be genuine and memorable in a positive way, and you can best accomplish that by doing what you’re good at.

The key here is to know your strengths in the first place. The advice doesn’t work if it’s just an excuse to avoid any type of self-improvement, but if you know what you’re good at, continue to build on it. Find a way to work that into what you do. By doing that, you don’t just make your skills invaluable. You make you invaluable.

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  • AGREED. I didn’t realize how true this was until maybe 10 years ago. Is the thing you suck at essential to life? No? Is it going to waste a lot of your life to improve it, or do you just plain not care about improving it? OK, then focus on getting better at something else instead, and organize your life in such a way that you make the thing you suck at as inconsequential as possible. IE, don’t take a job that requires it, hire people to do household tasks that require it, etc.

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