Evernote For iOS Adds Customisable Home Screens And Colour Themes

iOS: Today, Evernote released an update to its iOS app that brings a more customisable home screen. You can now choose to show only the sections you need and hide the rest.

The update also brings a selection of three colour schemes (white, green and black), plus a sync status can now be displayed below the Settings gear. The app also boasts better business card scanning, plus a few bug fixes. Read more about the changes at the via link below.

Evernote [iTunes App Store via Evernote]


    What a snow job. This is the second, almost identical article in my news feed this morning. I had a higher expectation of lifehacker though, that to rip-and-write a press release into an article. Busy day maybe.

    Maybe I'm missing something, but the ability to show and hide sections on the home screen was there before. There is no more functionality in that department than before.

    I guess Evernote needs a smack too, for a sloppy or deceiving press release, but I'd expect a more critical eye from a productivity blog that often touts the benefits of this product.

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