Buy The Smallest Package Possible When You Try New Groceries

Buy the Smallest Package Possible When You Buy New Groceries

Checking unit pricing in supermarkets ensures you're not overpaying, and it's generally the case that larger quantities are cheaper. If you're trying something new for the first time, though, try sticking to the overpriced small package.

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As finance blog The Simple Dollar explains, finding the price per unit is great for ensuring you get the best price. However, buying in bulk won't do you much good if you're trying something new that you end up hating:

For starters, if I'm buying a product for the first time, I get a small version of that item. Generally, I do not try to maximise the price per unit if this is my first time with the item.

If I find that I like the item and have actually used the item, I'll look for the lowest cost-per-unit item next time.

Check out The Simple Dollar's post for more situations when unit pricing may not be the best metric.

When Price Per Unit Fails You [The Simple Dollar]


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