Briefly: New Muppets Trailer, Frozen Fishapocalypse, Fashion Through The Ages

Brief news items of note for Lifehacker readers including: get a free night of travel accommodation with Airbnb, temperature drop in Norway causes thousands of fish to instantly freeze, watch the Muppets movie trailer.

  • Airbnb has announced it will cover one night of travel for first time Airbnb guests booking between now and 18 January when they use the promotion code 'ONENIGHT'. The accommodations site will offer a $US300 discount on trips for guests staying at least two nights by 31 March 2014. The deal is only available to first-time customers. Head to the Airbnb website for more information.
  • The Muppets have a new movie coming out. Here is the latest trailer, which aired during the Golden Globes. Muppets!
  • This is one of the cutest things ever. A family in the US video taped their toddler daughter's reaction to seeing her dad's twin brother for the first time... while her dad was still holding her. The poor child's mind is clearly blown but she manages to pull it together and give the uncle a fist-bump. Awww. Click here for maximum heart-meltage.
  • Online book store Booktopia is currently offering free shipping when customers use the discount code 'SUMMER'. The promotion ends at midnight on January 19. [Via OzBargain]
  • Want to see 100 years of fashion condensed into a two minute dance video? Sure you do.
  • Here's one for weird phenomena fans: Thousands of fish have been instantly frozen off the island of Lovund in Norway due to a strong east wind that caused the air temperature to drop to -7.8C. The herrings were reportedly chased by cormorants into the bay when the deadly freezing occurred. Anyone got a shovel?


    New Paddlepop Trout Flavour... Hmmm not so sure.

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