Trap Pesky Flies With DIY Fly Paper

As the temperature rises, the flies emerge. If you're starting to notice them buzzing around your living room, it's easy to trap them with fly paper you create using ingredients that are almost certainly already in your kitchen.

Bonnie at Going Home to Roost came up with this surprisingly simple recipe for fly paper adhesive. All you have to do is heat up a combination of honey, sugar and water on the stove, and dip in some paper strips. After the paper is good and coated, hang the strips up over the stove to dry, then hang them around your house. The traps are obviously non-toxic and completely safe, assuming you don't get your hair stuck in one. After a few days, you should have a satisfyingly disgusting insect collection to toss in the trash.

Simple Living: Make Your Own Sticky Fly Paper [Going Home To Roost via WonderHowTo]


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