Lower Your Body Temperature This Weekend

Lower Your Body Temperature This Weekend

Have you noticed the heat? We can’t stop the sun from shining, but we can learn a trick or two to lower our body temperatures — some of which involve ice cream. Let’s beat the heat this weekend!

If you have air conditioning and can afford the electricity bill during the hot summer months, consider yourself lucky. If not, try out some DIY air conditioner alternatives.

Before you can start cooling your body, you need to know its cooling points. Regardless of any other tips you learn, it helps to know the most efficient spots to cool yourself off so you can reduce your body’s temperature efficiently.

It helps to prepare ahead of time, too. You can implement pre-cooling techniques to keep your body temperature lower once you’re out in the heat. The best one? Pouring cold water over your head. It helps to drink that water, too. Because your body diverts oxygen to your skin to help cool you down in hot weather, you’ll find it especially hard to exercise in the heat. Add dehydration to the mix and you’ll be in pretty bad shape. If you plan to exercise in the summer, pour water on your head and into your mouth.

Cooling yourself off can require a lot of work but you can make it fun, too. How do you do that? With ice cream! This delicious two-ingredient recipe takes little effort and doesn’t even require a machine to make.

For even more summer ideas, check out our previous guide to staying cool in summer and all our Summerhacker posts. Have a good weekend, and stay cool!