Cold Turkey Blocks Distracting Websites And Apps On Your Schedule

Cold Turkey Blocks Distracting Websites and Apps on Your Schedule

Windows: We've featured distraction-blocking apps before, but Cold Turkey might just be the harshest one of them all. It allows you to block websites and apps at scheduled times.

The fundamental problem with every distraction blocker is that you can usually circumvent them just as easily as you can set them up. Cold Turkey, on the other hand, promises that you can't kill it via the task manager, uninstall it while it's running or change your system time to get around it. While there is a worst-case scenario removal tool, hopefully your lack of self-control won't get that bad.

Cold Turkey [via Reddit]


    I installed this believing it was a great idea, however, when I try to open it, the browser page gives me an error showing http://localhost:1990/ Unable to connect, Firefox can't establish a connection to the server at localhost:1990. This happens on all browsers unfortunately. Any thoughts?

    I used cold turkey to block my procrastination sites when i had assignments to work on... I gave it up a few months ago because it wouldnt time out correctly and unblock the sites, I'd have to use the uninstaller tool to undo the restrictions

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