Try 'Tabless Thursdays' For Better Single Tasking


Tabs are a great way to keep many browser windows open at once. The Atlantic recommends going tabless one day a week to stay focused.

Tabs in a browser allow us to think we are multi-tasking, but we're often just distracting ourselves. We've talked about the benefits of cutting back on multiple tabs before, but for many of us it's hard to go cold turkey.

Save up tasks for Thursdays that need intense focus. Tabless Thursday can be your day to intensely single-task and avoid multiple tabs in your browser. One tab, one task, one day a week. The other six days you can multi-tab to your heart's delight.

Check out the link for other reasons why Tabless Thursday can help your productivity.

Single-Tasking Is the New Multitasking [The Atlantic via Fast Company]


    It is not in my nature to only use one tab anymore.

    Every now and then I attempt – with earnest desperation – to widdle my tabs down from 15+ to something more manageable, ideally something under 5. It never sticks for very long.

    The problem is exasperated by sites like Lifehacker. So many articles that pique my interest but I don't necessarily want to read them all when I first see them. So in an effort not to miss them, I open them in a new tab and let that tab sit there until I feel like reading it.

    I recognise that this is more than likely not the most efficient way to manage content but it is what I am used to doing now. I never bookmark anything, I simply leave it open until I am done with it. It can sometimes be weeks before I close a tab.

    If anybody has any suggestions on how to manage my tabs better I am all ears. I thought getting to email zero was an accomplishment but tabs are just as bad...

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