Xbox One Has A Skydrive App, But Sadly That's No Excuse To Bring It To Work

When Microsoft officially announced the details this morning of the Xbox One's SkyDrive app, I enjoyed a brief reverie imagining this might constitute an excuse for pretending an Xbox One was an office productivity tool. Unfortunately, the app seems too limited for that.

The main restriction is that the Xbox One SkyDrive app can only display photos and videos; all other file types are filtered out. I didn't seriously expect it to offer editing facilities, but it you can't even view PDFs or other documents. So much for that excuse.

By the look of it, you can easily browse through SkyDrive pictures and videos using either the controller, voice commands or Kinect, but there's not much else going on. In that sense, it's rather like the majority of Windows 8 native apps; it looks nice and runs smoothly but doesn't do all that much and lacks power options.

One other curious detail: it looks like SkyDrive isn't pre-installed on the Xbox One. The blog post announcing it suggests using the voice command "Xbox: Bing SkyDrive" to get started with it, which suggests a separate download and install.

"Xbox: Go to SkyDrive" [Inside SkyDrive]


    Do the Office WebApps work on IE ? If so, it should be possible to edit office files on the XBox....

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