Ultimate Sound Control Can Tweak Every Noise Your Android Phone Makes

Ultimate Sound Control Can Tweak Every Noise Your Android Phone Makes

Android (rooted): The default sound control options in Android leave a bit to be desired. They don't let you discretely adjust notifications, calls, media, or even choose which notification sounds play when. Ultimate Sound Control changes all of that, and does what its name implies.

Ultimate Sound Control lets you access all of your phone's sound settings and adjust volume levels individually, instead of joining them together the way stock Android does by default. You can set call, media, notification, alarm and system volume to whichever levels you prefer, and you can adjust them independently. You can then set which notification sounds play at which events, and even replace individual sound files with notifications of your choosing. The app even makes backups of the original files in case you need to restore them.

Ultimate Sound Control is free at Google Play, thanks to XDA developer nagasgura. The pro version of the app is the one that lets you replace notification files with your own uploaded sounds, and it will set you back $2. You can also grab them over at the XDA Developer Forums. Hit the link below to grab it from Google Play.

Ultimate Sound Control (free) [Google Play Ultimate Sound Control Pro ($2) [Google Play via XDA Developer Forums]


    Doesn't work on y LG optimus G. It says all system sounds are off. They are not.

      Yes, this is often the case on a lot of Android devices, you can't turn off some system sounds.

    If the free version is "ultimate" why bother spending two bucks on pro?

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